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Kid President Asks

Kid President Kid President We’re on a mission to draw the world more awesome for children. We wanted to talk to kids to see how they wanted to induce the world more awesome, so we […]
Homeschool project

Homeschool project DIY Stress Ball

Homeschool project Homeschool project. And today we’re making the worlds’ easiest DIY Stress Balls. Let’s get this homeschool project right to it. All this is necessary is Alien Slime from the Dollar store, and you […]
Art Curriculum Homeschool

Art Curriculum Homeschool Make Clay

Art Curriculum Homeschool Art Curriculum Homeschool How to Offset Your Clay. Determining your own Art Curriculum Homeschool is easy to do, cheap , and enjoyable too. You will need: Art Curriculum Homeschool Clay Project 2 […]
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Homeschool Tips Get Outside and Enjoy

Homeschool Tips Homeschool Tips Hey! it’s Crystal with Learning. On today’s Triumphant Minute I would like to encourage “you’ve got to” get outside more. This is one of the best homeschool tips around. The days […]
homeschool math games

Homeschool Math Games for Kids

Homeschool Math Games Homeschool Math games Understanding Fractions-Learn How To Become An Expert In Fractions, How To Identify Whole-part, Quotient, And Ratios One-fourth, one one-third or one-half homeschool math games what are they? They are […]
Homeschool Art Lesson
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Homeschool Art Lesson-Color Wheel

Homeschool Art Lesson Homeshool Art Lesson Hi, this is Tracy Cheney for Expert Village and we’re learning about primary color and secondary colors today. This is an experiment you can do right at your kitchen […]