Year-Round Homeschooling-Learning All Year

Year-Round Homeschooling, Year-Round Homeschooling-Learning All Year, Family Homeschooler
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Year-Round Homeschooling

Year-Round Homeschooling Welcome back to another episode. I'm Penelope Robin, and I'm Anthony Rodriguez. Today we're going to be exploring all the cool things about time round homeschooling. Comprise on -- I think we should tell everybody what year-round homeschooling really is. All right, are you guys ready for this? I'm so excited! Year-round homeschooling is ... tata da ... homeschooling all year! Wait an hour! Most people might not think that sounds so fun. School all time? No burst? Perfectly! I know it sounds crazy, but there are so many good things about time round homeschooling that nobody knows about. And, at the end, it stirs such certain differences. Ok, Anthony, how about we look into it. Let's tell everybody some fun points about year-round homeschooling. Let's do it! Number 1 - less stress with Year Round Homeschooling. Regular schoolers merely get 36 weeks to cram their entire school years, which means they're all stressed out.

Year-Round Homeschooling

But we, we get 52 weeks to spread out our see. That's right, we get to learn while enjoying the sweet breath and relaxing. That's what I'm talking about. Number 2 - more period. Having more time to learn likewise symbolizes having more period for all sorts of merriment acts. Like traveling, going out, and more extracurricular activities than most minors. And don't forget all those merriment play dates we get to have! Number 3 - great dismiss. Ok, Penny, you're the customer in this crew. Tell us all the great discounts while homeschooling year round. You might think it's funny Anthony, but it's a fact. I wait for the institution to start, and a few weeks afterward I get all my homeschool supplies on sale! And it doesn't aim there. Traveling during the school year is at a super low price because it's low-grade season. And those are just some examples. Number 4 - flexibility. Most people don't have the flexibility to change their planned. Especially regular schoolers. But for us, time round homeschoolers, can switch it up - no problem.

Year-Round Homeschooling

We can switch a 5 era week of the task, into a 4 era week of operating. And we can go on an astound field trip out of the blue, only because! I adoration when that happens. Number 5 - consistency. Consistency is really important. By memorizing all year round, we stop our knowledge, in our storage. Hey - that was a great line. I'm going to steal that! I know it was. Number 6 - real life.

Year-Round Homeschooling Summary

You "know what I m thinking" guys? Homeschooling is actually a lifestyle. It's not just 180 days of the academy. It's 365 periods of life. That's a great route of clarifying it, Anthony. Life experience is so important! Yeah, reading our Academy subjects while learning about life, is so awesome. And that's what homeschooling allows us to do. We get to live life, loved it, and learn from it. Ok, people. That's it for this episode of Beat on the Street.

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