Awesome Math Games For Kids : The Money Game in a Restaurant

In this clip I'm going to show you an activity "you're doing with" your kids to help them practice adding fund. We're going to use a menu from a restaurant that does take-out and you can accumulate these to have several. Then we also need a calculator. You're going to give your child a budget articulate of ten or fifteen dollars. We'll go with ten dollars. The object is for them to go through here and find different menu pieces that add up as close to ten dollars as they can make without going over. So, we'll go through and select something and we'll write off the name of the item, let's see we'll do guacamole and then we need to write down this price and then I'm going to pick chili con queso and write off its price, it' s $4.29.

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Then I'm going to add that up applying my calculator. "It's good" because it helps them practice their calculator abilities as well, and I know I'm at$ so I would try to see if I could find something that's a dollar or two is in addition to that. If there's nothing on there then I stop there at $ and that's as close as I came.

Then I could define another fund, mention fifteen dollars. To make this more challenging you are able give them a situated limit of pieces for a fund, say they have to find four pieces for under fifteen dollars ..

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