Egg Carton Math: a fun addition & multiplication game for kids

Egg Carton Math

Egg Carton Math

Egg Carton Math is a great way for kids to learn math. Just save some used egg cartons and you can easily create fund addition and multiplication games for your kids. Egg Carton Math can be adapted according to the way you decide to play the game.

Hi, I'm Miss Brain. In this video, I'm gonna teach you some games you can play with an egg carton that will help you get better at math. Okay for egg container math all you need is an empty egg container and got a couple of small objects. I learned got a couple of playing fragments in a game but you can also usage rocks or nuts and anything small-minded like that. You also require a pen and a marker and inside you're gonna write some numbers.

I wrote the numbers 1 through 12 and I kinda mixed them up just for amusing and so you'll write amounts in here and then when you're ready to play--we're gonna play the addition account first--I'm just going to situated both my bars anywhere in there, close the box, shake it up and then I open the box...oh, gaze! They both territories in the same one They both are on quantity 4 so four plus four is 8, so 8 is my compose for the first round, I'll write that on my tally sheet. Now it's your turning Shake it up, you have one in crowd 10 and one in five so you get the score of 15 for your first one.

Um, so that's how that works and you know if you want to practice adding big lists than you exactly write large amounts in the bottom now or if you're practising multiplication then that's a good one, you time put your digits in there simply exactly the same way shake it up 6 and 12... 6 eras 12 is 72 so I would get 72 parts in my on my compose membrane. If you two are doing propagation and just starting out and you didn't know all the way up to your Twelves then you know you could just write easier multitudes, perhaps you are able to write 1,2, 3,4, 5 and 10 and precisely write those a couple pages in now and then you are able to practise multiplying some easier figures until you got better and that's how you play Egg Carton Math ..

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