Best Homeschool Programs to Teach Phonics

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Best Homeschool Programs

Best Homeschool Programs  I'll be teaching you some steps to teach a child to read. There's more to speaking than only sitting down and read a journal. There are paints and phonics, clangs outs and senses. One of the essential points you can do with young children is to look at a video. You may know that that's a kitty cat but say it. Cat. That's the first thing you do is to look at the picture. That's a projectile. And that's a doggie or a hound. Is it important to write it? Yes, but there's another little mode to write and to be submitted with the voices. To start, let's start writing cat with the note c. If you notice, I replied what the note was. The child watched me write the letter. Now, In Best Homeschool Programs this is phonemic awareness. That's why rhymes are so important. Instead of just writing a t, we're going to begin teaching children about syllables, phonemic awareness, everything that it's going to take for them to learn to decode and speak so we're going to go cs, kuh, and write these two letters together, at, and gaze Angela, these two letters form the sound at and this c is kuh so together we put the letters and we have the word kuh at.

Can you say it with me? Get your mouth ready. Kuh at. We're going to do the same thing with the word ball. We're not going to just write ball. It won't mean anything but instead let's write the letter b, get your mouth ready, buh, and then we'll write the two letters together, al. Isn't that wonderful that letters can create voices and those kinds of music can create words so look at the picture, let your child witness seeing you write the word and write it in a way that you're violating it up into tones, simple clangs, kuh at. So there is more to speaking than simply reading a tale. Best Homeschool Programs.

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