This curriculum can be redone by parent or student to best fit your homeschool curriculum, learning style, and objectives of your student. Students can pick and choose the assignments you want them to concentrate on to satisfy their course prerequisites.  I offer you an inspiration for curriculum, I am sure you have thoughts of your own on this subject yourself.  Feel free to edit these materials for use in your homeschool.  Ask your kids for ideas.

The objective of the curriculum is not to just finish the work, but to learn from the materials presented.  It is intended to give you a strong, handy, demonstrated system whereupon you and your student can create your own curriculum materials, use materials as presented or create a curriculum that is personalized to your homeschool philosophy.  Many parents like to have an idea of how to present certain concepts to achieve the goal of the curriculum.  Therefore I hope to give you a basis for this material.

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Thank you for visiting this page.  I hope you enjoy these materials.  Check back often new materials will be added on a regular basis.  Have a blessed day!