Baking Bread Lesson-Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Baking Bread Lesson

Baking Bread Lesson Christian Curriculum

Baking Bread Lesson Christian Curriculum, There is nothing quite so pleasant, so welcoming, as the smell of homemade bread in the home. It evokes memories of childhood, of those treasured carefree days gone. How appropriate that the staple of life, our sustenance, the most welcome perfume in our home should represent our Savior throughout the pages of Holy Scripture. As homeschool parents, we should teach continually; use every moment of life to teach your children spiritual lessons. As you bake bread together, seize the occasion to impart lessons to your children about Christ.

Baking Bread Lesson History

One of the earliest foreshadowings of Christ is seen in the Old Testament, as Melchizedek, the priestly king, brings bread and wine to Abraham. These verses can be used to teach the significance and meaning of the bread and wine used in communion. We can also emphasize the fact that the Bible is not merely a collection of fables, but from Genesis to Revelation is one timeless true story of Christ.

Baking Bread Lesson Scripture

Continuing through Scripture, the merciful and loving nature of God stands out as we see the bread or manna provided miraculously for the ever-complaining children of Israel. When sharing this account, we can instruct our children in the importance of Bible Study and communion with Christ. We must seek it daily, try it first thing in the morning, and we may not store it up for tomorrow. We also must gather it for ourselves; others cannot do it for us.

Baking Bread Lesson Christian Curriculum

Another attribute of Christ can teach as we consider the bread brought to Elijah in the wilderness by the raven. Use this story to show about Christ as creator and master of the universe. Even the fowls of the air must obey his command.

A further reference to bread found in the shewbread placed daily in the tabernacle by the priests. The entire gospel can be illustrated to your students through the unique characteristics of the shewbread. The bread itself was made of fine flour, having no imperfections. The food was also baked, representing Christ's atoning death. One further aspect to note: the Hebrew word "challah," for bread, means punctured or pierced, just as our Savior was for our transgression.

Baking Bread LessonThe Passover

There are also some warnings you can give children as your discussion of bread continues. The Passover was observed with unleavened bread, as leavening represented sin. Jesus warned against the leavening of the Pharisees; even the presence of a little sin is devastating.

Baking Bread Lesson Summary

Finally, as the crescendo to a beautifully orchestrated symphony, Jesus, himself emphatically declares in John that He is "the bread of life," able to sustain his own and satisfy all of our hunger fully. The long-awaited Messiah had come! So bake bread with your homeschool students, but do not miss the opportunity to teach them of the bread which satisfies our most profound hunger endlessly.