Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum-Teaching Sex

Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum

Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum

Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum, During the ten years, we have lived here, there have never been wild animals in my yard.  Amazingly this year we saw our first rabbit. Throughout the summer bunnies have been in our yard.  Since that time they have begun to multiply, and there are now several baby bunnies here every day.  There  I have noticed something about bunnies. They reproduce like rabbits! It was an excellent reminder to me to plan some time for sex education for my pre-teens.

Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum Books

I asked my older sons what books were their favorite when I taught them sex education. Both had the same answer. Both appreciated the book "Preparing for Adolescence" by James Dobson. My spouse would take one boy each week to the library. They would examine a short section of the book while in the library together. These Daddy time grew to be a significant opportunity for our family, and over time helped us communicate.

Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum Talking

But educating your children not to reproduce like bunnies is not something you explain just once. The idea of respect and intimacy is something that we repeated often. By saying these things to your kids and reinforcing it later you will get the results you want for your children. Some of the other things we used for our curriculum are below

Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum Passport to Purity

We intended to take a weekend and go away with our pre-teen, but we had to adjust it to fit our family schedule. We would have liked to do these lessons the best way, but it just did not match our agenda. Alternately, my husband taught this curriculum to our boys.  I arranged all the projects and exercises beforehand, so he didn't have to take time away by doing any of the planning. He read the workbook with the boys and did all the educational activities with them. It turned out to be a perfect lesson plan!

Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum Conversations

These are critical conversations to have with your teenagers. Don't let these words go unsaid! Be proactive and communicate with them. If you do not talk to your teens, they will assume a lot of information, but they will not know how you feel about these issues. Working with a book can help you to oversee your studies.  I know there are several things more valuable than these conversations about reproduction. Sex Ed is an important subject, and you don't want your kids doing what their hormones are telling them to do.

Christian Homeschool Sex Education Curriculum Summary

Just look at these life lessons the way you look at all of your homeschool curricula. Take time to teach this subject and answer all the question your children may have honesty. You will be happy to know that you kids learned these lessons the correct way and not on the streets like many children do.