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Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials Going to talk today about how I organize my teaching materials to match up with the Common Core. Alright, today I wanted to show you how I gather some of my teaching materials based on the Common Core. Common Core I know, is taking over the two countries right now and school teachers have to take information that they've used before Common Core and organize them in a way for effectiveness so they can find the information they need quickly.

So I'm just going to display you what I did to take teaching materials I had before Common Core and unionize it into ring-binders. These are my math ring-binders you can see I have here and I have one binder for each of the five realms for fourth-grade math. And you know I have them all labeled. Easy to find on my teacher rack. I'm going to take; I think this is measurement and data. How I planned the inside as well.  So, inside my binder, I have tabs for the standards but I also precisely to make it clear in my thought because Common Core is new for me too. I led onward and labeled, for example, his remarks "US weight, " and then I have "metric weight" and then I have things that are a combination of metric and US standard.

And then I do the same occasion with duration, capacity and then I have a calendar, temperature, field, and perimeter. But mixed in I have all of the Common Core touchstones tabbed, o I know what section to go to. So 4MD1 is measurement parts and I have all those different unit of measure behind that one And then of course field and perimeter is 4MD3 and so I have all my area and perimeter tradition membranes, captains, task projects, all folded in now so that following my year-long proposal, when I'm ready to educate that force or when I necessary supplementary materials for the curriculum I'm teaching I know exactly where to go.

You could certainly do this same type of occasion for ELA, for construed, writing, speech, speaking and listening and those kinds of things although it might be a little more difficult since we are never educate reading standards in isolation. We surely spotlit them but you're hitting so many different standards at the same time which is different than it is a matter of math. But this is one thing that I do to organize my classroom for the Common Core and I foster you to give that a try as well and let me know if you have other ideas as well.

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