Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum-Increasing Skills

Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum

Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum

Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum, We think of digital cameras as being a pretty modern invention, so it is something of a surprise to learn that the technology that forms the basis for how these smart gadgets work, was invented way back in the 1970s! As with cell-phones, digital cameras have come a long way and become smaller and quicker too. Few people could have imagined that cameras would be available for use by children as young as two years old and that these little children would be able to take some pretty good pictures, with only minimal help from an adult! Homeschoolers are increasingly using digital cameras to enable children to benefit from modern technology. It is not just the learning to take pictures part that contributes to the educational value of using a camera in a homeschool environment.

Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum Benefits

Benefits include:
For very young children, improvement of motor skills in learning to use the buttons and controls. This development has a beneficial effect in other areas such as in holding a pen or pencil for writing and forming letters.
Spatial awareness, the perception of distance, and form will improve by learning to take images. This skill is also transferrable to lessons in Math, learning about shapes and geometry.

Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum Observations

Children learn to carefully observe rather than just 'see' when looking through the lens of a camera. Photos can also have benefits outside the classroom as being more aware of their surroundings and looking closely at the environment they are in, may have essential safety benefits. Children who find verbal communication difficult can often find expression through drawing, painting and other artistic outlets for their creativity. Photography enables another medium for speech, and oral skills can be encouraged by talking about the pictures.

Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum Creativity

Creativity can developĀ as there are a variety of crafts that can be pursued using the photographs taken, scrapbooking, collage making, even printing images onto clothing and bags using simple transfer paper that can be used in a standard inkjet printer and activated with a domestic iron.

Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum Learning

Computer skills can also be developed as many cameras have editing software. There are also many free programs online that can facilitate this. Children will unconsciously learn math skills resizing photographs and further develop their hand-eye coordination using special effects like adding a funny hat to a picture of Mom or putting Dad inside a clip art sports car! Confidence is boosted even in very shy children, once they get behind a camera lens. They can have fun getting friends to act out a short movie with a video camera or show their images as a slide-show to other family members and enjoy being the center of attention for a change.

Camera Lessons Homeschool Curriculum Summary

The great thing about a digital camera for homeschooling is that this technology is now so cheaply available. Around fifty dollars will buy a great little camera that can be connected to a pc and enable all the foregoing activities. If you are unsure about what to features to look for, or which model will best suit your purposes as a home-schooler, check out some review sites online and look for those that provide in-depth information rather than just a 're-hash' of the single paragraph manufacturer's description.