homeschool journaling
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Homeschool Journaling-a Year in Nature Tour

Homeschool Journaling Homeschool Journaling I’ve often pleased I had a personal nature guide book that could accompany me in my life and give me ideas of what to look for during a tour. For the […]
Homeschool Online Learning

Homeschool Online Learning-Making the Switch

Homeschool Online Learning Homeschool Online Learning My name is Arianna Krutz. I am in 9th evaluate, and I go to Connections Academy. Before coming to Connections Academy, I was homeschooled from pre-school up until the […]
creative homeschooling

Creative Homeschooling-How to

Creative Homeschooling Creative Homeschooling. Take advantage of the flexibility that comes with schooling your children at home. Use your resource! You will need Field errands, Ingenuity Flexibility A garden-variety A daily newspaper Other homeschoolers and […]
Homeschooling Disabled Child

Homeschooling Disabled Child-Setting Goals

Homeschooling Disabled Child Homeschooling Disabled Child If you feel that your child has a disability that severely hampers his ability to stick to a routine, then homeschooling is your best choice. Schooling is constantly underneath […]
homeschool reasons

Homeschool Reasons-Why We HOMESCHOOL

– Homeschool reasons There are two main reasons that we decided to homeschool our children. – Ask mommy. Ask mom. – Alright, good morning. I seem a little bit better today, but my voice voices […]
Test Homeschooling Students
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Test Homeschooling Students-Homeschool Tips

Test Homeschooling Students Test Homeschooling Students I am a homeschool mama, and every year I faced the same dilemma. At the end of the year, two daughters have to be evaluated, but let’s face it, […]
Homeschool Motivation

Homeschool Motivation-The Power of Your Tone

Homeschool Motivation Homeschool Motivation This is Lily with another learning gratuity to keep your children motivated for the Academy throughout the school year. One event that is enormously influential on your kids that you may […]