Homeschool Online Learning-Making the Switch

Homeschool Online Learning

Homeschool Online Learning

Homeschool Online Learning My name is Arianna Krutz. I am in 9th evaluate, and I go to Connections Academy. Before coming to Connections Academy, I was homeschooled from pre-school up until the 7th evaluation. I adored having my parents as school teachers. I had one-on-one time with my mom to talk in-depth about the lessons I was memorizing. We would do science bazaars. We would do art activities. We went on field trips, did community service, and I hung out with all your best friend. That's actually why I like Connections Academy because it reminds me of my experience being homeschooled. I can still do my schoolwork at home at my pace, my parents are implied, and they facilitate me through tough topics, and it's completely flexible, which is important to me because we are wandering so much.

But it's also different from homeschooling because I have different educators for each of my categories. I have an online curriculum with specific lessons for each school day. I can participate in programs like the National Junior Honor Society, which I wouldn't do if I were still homeschooled. I wanted to go to Connections Academy because I knew computer technology was getting more advanced. Considering Connections Academy is an online school, I would have an edge up computer skills and computer technology.

Plus, it was a brand-new vibe, and with a change of teachers and schoolwork, I thought it would be a great mind. I like doing school. I can take my job wherever I go, and I can do my work at my pace. I, too, adore my LiveLessons. I can chitchat with classmates, and we go over lessons with the educators, just like in a regular classroom. Connections Academy has some very well prepared field trips. My favorite was going to the Phoenix Art Museum. I got to meet your best friend and school teachers. It was just really awesome. In my free time, I like to read, hike, hang out with my best friend, sing, toy guitar and piano, play music with my ensemble, and wandering all over "the worlds." After I graduate, I am going to college.

Connections Academy facilitates me get there because they have college advisors, I can probably get college recognition, and I will receive a certificate after I graduate. These are all opportunities I wouldn't have if I were still homeschooled. Connections Academy lets me focus on the subjects I like to learn, and it gives me a chance to do acts I love."* Singing* "You can't improve your casting in the sand.".

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