Community College Benefits For Homeschoolers

Community College Benefits

Community College Benefits

Community college can be a challenge for homeschooled students, but there are many benefits to enrollment as well. A transcript from a community college is substantial outside documentation of your homeschool transcripts, so if your kids' homeschool grades are all 4.0 and they are also getting excellent marks at the community college, that is proof the grade they earn is real.  Your child may have an opportunity to get a letter of recommendation from a community college instructor.  Attending a Community college will also save a lot of money when compared to 4-year universities.

Community College Benefits

Make sure you check with the community college to determine which credits will transfer.  Some of the more prestigious schools don't want their undergraduates to take community college classes, mainly because the academics might not be as tricky as the universities would like to see. While the outside documentation (with high grades and a high GPA)  and a letter to support his achievement, you must consider the drawbacks. Just make sure you weigh the whole situation before you make this decision.

Community College Benefits Talk to Parents

When you're checking into Community colleges, make sure to talk with other parents, and listen to their stories. They may begin by saying, "It's been perfect for us... but..." Listen to what they say afterward.' It could happen to you and your child.  Not all colleges are the same.

Community College Benefits For Homeschoolers Summary

Think about all the possibilities before you take this step.  Make sure that the reading materials are appropriate for your child's age.  You wouldn't want to expose him to topics which may be too mature for him.  Consult with the counselor on campus to determine which courses your child should take.  Community college is a great place for your child to explore special interests or could get advanced placement once he is enrolled full-time.