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Homeschool Art and Craft Projects Hi! I am Debbie with Expert and I am here today to prove you how to constitute some clay fossils, or clay anything with your young crafter. One of the great advantages of working with the clay and play dough with the young children would certainly be working on those fine engine skills and those hands which are why when they have got to kindergarten those handwriting abilities, cutting abilities, gluing sciences, all of those situations that use those little muscles in their hands, you prepare for that by employing clay and thoughts before they get to institution.

Today we are to be able to do fossils and the reason why I opt dinosaurs is little kids love them, number one, girls and boys, you can incorporate a lot of memorizing with dinosaurs. Number one homeschool art, they are so enthused about it, number two you are able to construct some amazing discipline vocabulary with your young learner, and go to the library, get works on fossils, volumes on how to draw dinosaurs, different periods of fossils. You can bring so much learning into this and then as a consummation you can make a clay fossil. Events that you going to need, first of all, you need your working mattings, so we don't get clay or play dough all over the counter, and there are a lot of different things on the market.

Right now there is some new modeling clay that's wonderful for little handwritings because it is not quite as dense and firm as some of the other clay; it's much more pliable. This is the harder stuff, you are familiar with, it's still good for little hands, to make those muscles and get that clay soft, they repel a bit but this is probably better for younger girls. This is a lily-white plaster type clay that breath dehydrates hard-handed, and then the boys can decorate it, which little kids "we've been wanting to" paint, so this one is a good one too.

It's a little harder for the little mitts to design. Another thing I like to do when we are doing our fossils especially is introduced them on a hard paper sheet, so when they wish to carry it around, demonstrate homeschool art to their friends and their family, they have some target to expose it. You can do little newspaper dishes, any kind of article sheet duties. Another thing that I like to use is plastic utensils so that they can introduce composition onto their dinosaur and develop some toes and claws and things like that ..

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