Scarlet Fever in Children-Know What to Do During an Outbreak

scarlet fever

Scarlet Fever in Children-Know What to Do During an Outbreak

Scarlet Fever is making a comeback recently. Among the health conditions that you must be aware of, if you have kids, is scarlet fever. Scarlet fever in kids is a common phenomenon, and often than not, it is mistaken for other illnesses because of its symptoms, which includes:

    • a headache
    • vomiting
    • abdominal pains
    • a sore throat
    • fever
    • loss of appetite
    • rash



Scarlet Fever Symptoms

Scarlet fever in kids occurs as a result of being infected by a particular strain of the group A streptococci bacteria, which also brings about strep throat. Upon exposure to it, the bacteria will be in incubation from one to seven days, and then the first signs of the illness will appear. It usually begins with a fever of around 38.3 degrees Celsius or 101 degrees Fahrenheit and a sore throat. Other symptoms listed above may or may not manifest. The rash will only appear approximately two days after the onset of fever and would have a texture like that of sandpaper and can be very itchy.

Scarlet Fever Seek Medical Attention

When you see the above symptoms occurring in your child, go to your pediatrician immediately for a checkup. In determining whether it is indeed scarlet fever, the child would have to undergo swab testing to check if the strep bacteria are present. When it is confirmed, antibiotics will be prescribed by the doctor, which are given for around ten days. You must be very intent in following the instructions taken by the pediatrician, especially in regards to the length of time the antibiotics must be used so that you can be confident that the bacteria is gone.

Scarlet Fever Force Liquids

This disease in kids can cause a lot of inconveniences. Thus, during the disease, you can give your child lots of fluid and soft food like soup, shakes and ice cream, to soothe the throat. It is also advisable to make them drink a lot of water to help lower their temperature.

Scarlet Fever Quarantine The Child

This condition is contagious, which is why; if you or someone in your home has it, do not let kids come near you because they can be easily affected. If your kids are already attending school, advise them not to go near people with coughs, colds, fever or rash. If your child is the one with the illness, better make them stay at home rather than get other people contaminated with the same.


Although scarlet fever is not a fatal disease, taking it for granted can cause serious complications. So, if you see the symptoms, go to your doctor immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry.