Homeschool Literature

Homeschool Literature-Reading Beowulf

Homeschool Literature Homeschool Literature studying literature and literary lesson from the early Middle Ages, getting ready to read Beowulf by creating an appreciation for the beauty and artistry of the works they are about to […]
homeschool summer

Homeschool Summer Activities-Family Fun for Summer

Homeschool Summer Homeschool Summer Activities Hi, I’m Jane Butcher and I’m on Barnabas Children’s Ministry Team. One of the areas of the department were involved with is Faith in Homes. We recognize that there are […]
Efficient Homeschool

Efficient Homeschool-Takes 5 Minutes A Day

Efficient Homeschool Efficient Homeschool planning is key to having a well-run homeschool. If you aren’t planning wisely you could be wasting the day. Children need structure to perform at their best. Efficient Homeschool planning and […]
Homeschool Music Lessons

Homeschool Music Lessons for Kids

Homeschool Music Lessons Homeschool Music Lessons can be done formally or you can include them in the lessons you teach. If you are musically inclined it will be easy for you to find ways to […]
Homeschool Summer Crafts

Homeschool Summer Crafts An Activities- 29 Ideas For Kids

Homeschool Summer Crafts Homeschool summer crafts are a great way to spend part of your homeschool day. These activities will keep the kids happy all summer long. Homeschool summer crafts and activities give children the […]
Virtual Homeschool Online

Virtual Homeschool Online-The Benefits of Online Learning

Virtual Homeschool Online Virtual Homeschool Online offer teachers who are experts in their subject matter, and provide strong academics. Often times homeschool curriculum can be supplemented with online homeschool programs. Strong Academics Are you looking […]
Designing Homeschool Curriculum

Designing Homeschool Curriculum: Online Classes

Designing Homeschool Curriculum Designing Homeschool Curriculum to fit your current homeschool curriculum. Often time homeschool parents are not comfortable teaching a certain subject, that is where designing homeschool curriculum online comes into play. I’m Maureen […]
Educational Summer Activities

Educational Summer Activities-How to Plan

Educational Summer Activities Educational Summer Activities for homeschool need to be planned in advance. Plan vacations around learning activities.  Visit museums, planetariums, and historic sites.  These places will offer many opportunities for learning.  The children […]
Homeschooling Routine

Homeschooling Routine-Mine is Amazing

Homeschooling Routine Hi guys! My name is Honey, and I’m 13 years old, and today I’m going to be manifest my Homeschooling Routine. So often I start off the working my homeschooing routine by doing […]
Homeschool Experiments

Homeschool Experiments-DIY Water Blob

Homeschool Experiments Homeschool Experiments can take science to the next level. The children will enjoy experimenting with water blobs. It is an excellent activity for summer homeschool. Let them help you design and build a […]