Homeschool Reading Fun-How to Read Aloud Today

Homeschool Reading Fun

Homeschool Reading Fun-How to Read Aloud Today
Homeschool Reading Fun. Parents and children alike have long been a fan of the read-a-loud book and this was always the down and dirty way to make homeschool learning fun. For ages children have been looking forward to bed-time tales and parents have been looking onward to creating funny voices to go along with each part. Once the children hit the upper elementary years they begin to grow out of the bedtime story. Maybe it makes them feel like a baby when what they truly want is to feel more like a "big kid".


Homeschool Reading Fun for all ages
But did you know that even children as old as 14-15 can still experience the tried and true read-a-loud? Sure, it's a bit different than the bedtime story. Read-a-loud for grownups and big kids are now called audiobooks!
And who doesn't love an audiobook? I can recall a road trip my son and I took from San Diego to Denver. Back when he was only six. I was worried that he was bored on the long drive. We had a short deadline and only had time for quick stops between hotels. So I took along Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince to listen to as we rode.

Homeschool Reading Fun Audiobooks
I can tell you now that I almost got us lost in the deserts of New Mexico. Because I was so engaged in the story that I missed out on turn-off! It was a complete blast!
Years later, I was frantically trying to make reading fun. For my son, so in 6th grade, I purchased Call of the Wild twice. Once in print and once on audiobook. My bright idea was to combine visual reading with audio listening at the same time.
This was the best decision I ever made!

Homeschool Reading Fun-Popular Books
While Call of the Wild is not a difficult read. It is packed with vocabulary that my son never learned before. He would quickly become frustrated when trying to "articulate" difficult words in his brain. So frustrated in fact, that he would naturally hinder reading. Enter the audiobook and all that disappeared. He listened intently while reading along to Buck's experiences. And told me "That was the greatest book I've ever studied mom!" when he was finished.
Of course Where the Red Fern Grows (our second audio read-along) was also the best book ever. As was Jake Ransom and Percy Jackson. Quickly they were ALL his preferences. It was all because I got him past his difficulty in pronouncing words. In his head and pushed him forward to appreciating the story.

Homeschool Reading Fun-Summary
Suppose you are grappling to find alternatives to engage your child. Learn reading while making it fun. Why not try the audio read-along? You can also incorporate literature guides. Incorporate them into your reading program to ensure that they are getting the most out of each book. Include vocabulary exercises, true/false and multiple-choice problems, and sequencing of situations to examine their reading understanding.