Homeschooling High School – Should We Ask the Colleges Questions?

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Homeschooling High School - Should We Ask the Colleges Questions? When planning college applications with your student, you will often have specific questions that you would like to get answered. Sometimes there are natural "yes/no" type questions that will be consistent from college to college.

Homeschooling High School to College

More often than not, however, the answer may vary depending on the college. Take, for example, the question of whether a college will still consider your student a freshman if they have an AA degree and more than 90 credits. Some colleges take a hard line at the 90 credits. Others will show some flexibility.

Homeschooling High School best approaches

The best approach to these types of questions is to call the admissions office directly and ask. This approach does several things, all of which are good. Most apparent, it will get you the answers you need to tailor your plans for the specific colleges you are interested in enrolling in. What is less visible, however, is that by asking the question, you are showing the college that you are seriously interested in them.

Homeschooling High School application process
I have had often said; the college application process is like a courting dance. To get them interested in you, you sometimes have to show you are interested in them! Posing specific questions is a wonderful way to demonstrate your interest. Colleges pay attention to the families that are asking application and admissions questions!

Homeschooling High School contact a college

So go ahead and call. Better Later, when you visit that college, make sure to ask to speak to the person who answered. If you do this, the college might recognize your name when they see your application!