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Starting Homeschool

Starting Homeschool I am filming on the same day as I did the welcome video. But we are leaving soon, so while Alexa is having a snooze in the attic I decided to use this time to show you what we have already started doing in the last couple of weeks with respect to math and writing abilities First, I'll share with you what we are doing Starting Homeschool with Math I have purchased these notebooks in a Russian store. They don't have to be these works They are not squared, but they are lined up like this These are the same notebooks that I wrote in when I was a little girl and maybe it's a bit of nostalgia, but actually, what I find is that the kind of wrinkles that these books have I think in Ontario we are in a position by some works that are lined in a similar way but you can see that it allows kids to learn how to write the correct sizing what I've noticed is that when she writes at school the lines are genuinely wide and see the numbers and the letters are all in different sizes so I require her to learn how to write the correct size that's why I started utilizing this, but for math it's probably not the best for math I was likely to use a square grid.

I'll switch to that once we are done with this notebook I have taken a photo of what I have done with Alexa in terms of schooling her cursive scrawl I decided to combine two things she does go to a French school, so she will exclusively start discovering English in about 4 years So, I don't know exactly how they will be schooling English read skill she already reads in English, she understands Russian she knows how read Russian a bit but "thats really not" as important, and the reason why she is in a French school is is because Canada is bilingual and I would like to give her the advantage of speaking, being bilingual in a country where it is, it; s not a requirement, but it does help you to get a chore in companies that do function out of Quebec So, what I have done in terms of written skills is that I have decided to combine English reading and cursive at the same time so what I have done here, one second again, "you're seeing" I have written those one myself, and of course my cursive is not the same as if it was done by a professional Starting Homeschool but I guess my writing is pretty decent so she detects my cursive and then tries to do her own and of course because they don't learn that at school it's very difficult for her, but I know that she started to recognize cursive words now and started to try to imitate it on her own it's still all whichever way, and chicken scratch, but I think it will be enhanced for example on the first page what I have done Starting Homeschool I rolled all numerous texts that have open syllables for example messages like bike, vine, kite, period, pine that end with an "e" and where "i" is read as an "i" and I did this so she can understand, to learn her terms and conditions of reading what mothers have shared with me is that I am not sure how may last 5-10 years the schools here stopped schooling English phonics, so if minors don't know so if minors don't know how to read a specific message if they don't know the rule and they haven't seen that statement, they can't read it so they discover speaking by remembrance, but remember doesn't operate, it merely memorizes so if you don't know how to read a specific principle you don't know how to read the word so I am learning Alexa, how to read specific words and to distinguish the pattern where if "i" is a vowel before a consonant and ends with an "e" will be read like it is supposed to be declared "i" for example in a bike I don; t know if I am clarifying it very well but I am showing her the specific characteristics and how to read that blueprint, of course, "theres" exceptions but exceptions are more objections are exceptions and the rule she will be able to read unfamiliar statements in the future and at the same time she knows how learn how to write cursive we started writing cursive with words and she traces my examples and the tries to do it herself it is, I realized that because they don't teach cursive in institution I will have to go back to the basiscs and teach her how to connect the letters in a cursive lane, because right now she does it whichever way she find it but without any rhyme or reason so I'll have to go back and school her how to assemble i with a b, or a with a t so we'll be seen to what extent that extends, because it will be a bit more digesting but with occasion, i think, I'll share with you how she is improving and progress thank you very much for watching and I'll update you next week on how we are doing on our math problem solving and counting up to ten and also the cursive writing thank you for having see, bye-bye! Starting Homeschool

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