Homeschool Summer Camps

Homeschool Summer Camps-Learning Latin

Homeschool Summer Camps Salvete! I’m Mrs. Henry your Latin instructor for Homeschool Summer Camps. So simply picture this it’s the end of time terminate and you have had so much better fun. Nonetheless, you haven’t […]
Homeschool College Application

Homeschool College Application Tips

Homeschool College Application Homeschool College application process is a little bit different. Homeschoolers need to be assertive and explain with great detail the educational accomplishments and goals on the college application. Homeschool College Application Homeschool […]
Homeschooling Teenagers

Homeschooling Teenagers : How Much Does It Cost?

Homeschooling Teenagers Homeschooling Teenagers how much does cost? This is a question have been asking most parents of homeschool children ask themselves. Depending on how many books and supplies you plan to purchase will make […]
summer homeschool

Summer Homeschool-Online With Connections Academy

Summer Homeschool Program Welcome and thanks for your interest in Summer Homeschool program. International Connections Academy is an accredited, online private school providing students in grades K-12 throughout the U. S. and abroad. We are […]
Homeschool Kids

Homeschool Kids-You Will See The Difference

Homeschool Kids Homeschool Kids are different from public school children. That is why parents homeschool their children. Hi, this is Michelle Caskey from If “you think you’re” considering homeschooling and you amazed if you […]
Homeschool Learning Board Games

Homeschool Learning Board Games for Kids

Homeschool Learning Board Games Homeschool Learning Board Games Today I wanted to share a quick tip with you of how you can incorporate more fun and plays into your homeschool. I’m going to turn the […]
Great Homeschool Reasons

Great Homeschool Reasons-Should We Homeschool?

Great Homeschool Reasons Great Homeschool Reasons to teach your children at home is a matter of personal choice. However, there are many advantages homeschool can offer over other types of schooling. Great Homeschool Reasons for […]
Homeschool Last Day

Homeschool Last Day of Homeschool Assignments

Homeschool Last Day Homeschool Last Day last period of the academy. Alright so this week was our first time of homeschooling and we’ve really experienced it. And I’m sure that things will evolve and change […]