Fragment Learning Online-Random Learning Brain Recall

Fragment Learning Online

Fragment Learning Online - Extensive Data in Quick Bite-Sized Intervals and Brain Recall

Fragment Learning Online, Okay so, perhaps like me you are a news junkie, and you surf all the technology and science articles, and you learn a little bit every few minutes. My grandfather used to say he would learn something new every day, but in the information age, people are learning something new every 12.5 seconds, as that is the amount of time the average Internet surfer spends on any given webpage. Still, I ask; are they learning anything, or are they just committing various fragments to memory? Okay so, let's talk about this for a second and discuss my new coined term; fragment learning.

Fragment Learning Online Experiences

The human mind picks up information as it goes through its observations and experiences during the day. In the evening it appears that the brain fuses all of these thoughts and imprintations on the memory connecting all the dots. Perhaps it is very similar to defragging a computer.

Fragment Learning Online Collecting Over Time

If it is comparable to this, then it makes sense that humans that spend a lot of time collecting esoteric pieces of information which are unrelated to one another should also pay a reasonable amount of time sleeping in complete silence to allow their minds to put all these fragments back together.

Fragment Learning Online New Reality

Now then, one could ask if this is a good or bad thing, as it is a new reality, this is how humans are learning today especially those homeschooled or prior school learning online for pleasure. They have a question, then they look it up on Wikipedia, or read three or four paragraphs until they are satisfied, and a click out and then onto the next thing. They may click on 15 or 20 stories on the daily news, read blog posts, get updates from their friends on Facebook, all the while they are busy doing something else.

Fragment Learning Online Multitasking

One might call this multitasking, but the human brain doesn't multitask well as we think it might. That doesn't mean it isn't picking up information, as it undoubtedly is, although many of those fragments aren't committed to memory very well, but if they aren't, why do people view them? Is it the excitement which creates a chemical rush in the brain when someone learns something new? Is there another brainwave incited when a new piece of information that seems at a place pops up on the screen, is this an addiction of some sort?

Fragment Learning Online Summary

Perhaps it is some of all of these things, but it is the new paradigm, and we need to find out. If this is the way humans are now taking in information at such a fast pace, we need to make sure that some of that information, especially the most essential fragments can stick. Plus, it appears to me that the cross-pollination of all of these fragments might increase innovation and creativity if it is done correctly. So that's our challenge moving forward in my humble opinion, and I ask that you, please consider all this and think on it.