Homeschooling Kindergarten-Homeschool Curriculum The Easy Way

Homeschooling Kindergarten

Homeschooling Kindergarten- Homeschool Curriculum The Easy Way

Possibly you are just beginning to consider homeschooling Kindergarten, or perhaps you need some new ideas to keep from burning out on homeschooling or getting stale. If you realize that homeschooling is not rocket science, you can understand how to interact with your child comfortably and naturally and still help your child learn what he needs to know.

Homeschooling Kindergarten Reading and Stories

Reading and stories are always fun. If you don't have good books at home, a trip to the library still fuels a right amount of story time at our house. History is a collection of stories. Who says a Kindergartener can't learn about History from hearing stories in picture books? Adults can even learn a good bit about History from children's picture books.

Homeschooling Kindergarten Learning Numbers

Realize there are lots of ways to learn about numbers and math. If you know your child's learning style or have some idea of how he learns best, you can use many fun methods to help your child enjoy math and still learn a ton. Some examples of learning about math could include: using flashcards, writing numbers, counting objects, playing with money, and playing games.

Homeschooling Kindergarten Learning to Read

Learning how to read can be done in many different ways. There are four phases of learning to read, and your child might spend longer in one step than another. Some programs work better for some children than others. Some children learn to read on their own with no program at all. Here again, learning style can play a role in how your child learns to read. If workbooks don't work, then sometimes flashcards or listening to CDs, make a reading click for some children.

Homeschooling Kindergarten Learning Science

Science is learning about how the world works. You can learn about Science by reading picture books, reading chapter books, doing experiments, cooking, taking a walk, and many other activities. Stressing about getting a curriculum completed is not what homeschooling Kindergarten is all about. You know your child better than anyone. Think about how you have taught your child all the things you have taught him so far, and continue to apply that to Kindergarten homeschooling.

Homeschooling Kindergarten Summary

Learn these simple steps to create a homeschool curriculum for your Kindergartener. You will be amazed at how easy these lessons can be for your child.  Start today and the rest of the homeschooling year will fall into place quickly.  Happy Homeschooling.