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Time Outs-Are They Effective Discipline?

Time Outs Time outs are a huge problem in today’s parenting. Time Outs have become a cure-all for numerous, numerous mothers. And it is recommended by pediatricians and it was originally recommended as a replacing […]
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Homeschool Common Core Standards-Reading

Homeschool Common Core Homeschool Common Core I teach Kindergarten at Ruby Duncan Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada and I have 21 amazing kindergarten students in my classroom. Ooh, what do you encounter? Whose mother […]
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Homeschool Life of a Not So Typical Teenager

Homeschool Life Homeschool Life Right around your age my homeschool life began, I started to race start carts, and I began hastening cars when I was 13. So you started off with circulating go-carts. What […]
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Penny Boats-Homeschool Science

Penny Boats Penny Boats All right, so today “was about” designing Penny Boats. They’re able to use toilet paper flattens, rubber bands, straws, and aluminum foil. We’re gonna see how many pennies we can get […]
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Teaching Music-Homeschooling Advice

Teaching Music Teaching Music Hi, I’m Linda Wooldridge and I’m a home homeschool mom. How do you Teaching Music education program at your home institution? I symbolize, if you exclusively have one or two children, […]