Summer Classroom Outdoors-A Plan For Summer Learning

Summer Classroom Outdoors

Summer Classroom Outdoors-A Plan For Summer Learning

Summer Classroom Outdoors, Many kids learn better with the help of functional exercises and practices. Through tangible presentation and sharing, concepts become more explicit, and theories finally make sense. Kids love experimenting indoors, but taking the classroom outdoors is an even better way of ensuring they enjoy the learning process. Weather permitting, head outdoors to the schoolyard or playground to teach subjects such as science and art.

Summer Classroom Outdoors Creativity

In a way, teaching art within the classroom is putting children in a box, making them rely on the materials available. Outdoors, this box is much bigger (though a safe environment cannot be limitless). Encourage creativity by teaching art outdoors.
Children could be making collages out of leaves, sticks, and rocks, or designing jewelry. Let them collect their materials both in the schoolyard and by asking them to bring some along from their gardens or parks they've visited with friends and family.

Summer Classroom Outdoors Energy and Sustainability

Our current dependence on unsustainable natural resources to feed our growing energy demands is a problem for us. While governments are gradually beginning to invest in sustainable power production, awareness among citizens is still low. For the industry to develop faster, society needs to put pressure on its elected rulers. Summer Classroom Outdoors

If children acquire this knowledge and awareness at a young age, they will take care of teaching their parents and their children, and so it is passed on from generation to generation in an unforced way and becomes intrinsic to general social awareness.

Summer Classroom Outdoors Science Education

Science education is one of the best ways of fostering awareness with a hands-on approach. By performing experiments, building tools, and devices, and playing science-related games, children learn to appreciate the world, how it works, and how to look after it.

Summer Classroom Outdoors Science Experiments

And where better to learn than in the great outdoors where there is unlimited space, fresh air, and physical substances that form the world as we know it. Outdoor lab ideas that focus on sustainable energy include building a solar cooker. This project is an activity made for middle and high school students. Ask the school cook to donate some food for cooking in the sunshine.

Summer Classroom Outdoors Summary

Another idea is to speak to the school principal about turning the school playground into a temporary power station. Let the children create energy on the swings, see-saws, and merry-go-rounds. You could also gather outdoors to produce fruit batteries. One of the most common fruits for the challenge is the lemon. The teacher will need to bring some elements from the classroom.