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Homeschool Moms The Secrets

Homeschool Moms -Homeschool Moms This the door, and this the living room, and this the living room too. Everything’s the living room.( dramatic music) – Hi everyone, I’m a little irked because Jacob and everyone […]
Homeschool Art Lesson
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Homeschool Art Lesson-Color Wheel

Homeschool Art Lesson Homeshool Art Lesson Hi, this is Tracy Cheney for Expert Village and we’re learning about primary color and secondary colors today. This is an experiment you can do right at your kitchen […]
Penny Boats
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Penny Boats-Homeschool Science

Penny Boats Penny Boats All right, so today “was about” designing Penny Boats. They’re able to use toilet paper flattens, rubber bands, straws, and aluminum foil. We’re gonna see how many pennies we can get […]