Simple Parenting Strategies
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Simple Parenting Strategies For Peaceful Homeschooling

Simple Parenting Strategies To Prevent Child Behavior Issues Simple Parenting Strategies, Many families are so busy with their schedules that they rarely even meet. There are too many activities outside the home, and the parents […]
Summer Classroom Outdoors
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Summer Classroom Outdoors-A Plan For Summer Learning

Summer Classroom Outdoors-A Plan For Summer Learning Summer Classroom Outdoors, Many kids learn better with the help of functional exercises and practices. Through tangible presentation and sharing, concepts become more explicit, and theories finally make […]
Homeschool Astronomy Unit
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Homeschool Astronomy Unit-Crash Course and More

Homeschool Astronomy Unit Homeschool Astronomy Unit So Phil gets me excited about the Homeschool Astronomy Unit and we start looking for ways to learn more. We buy Phil’s journals on astronomy, which are amazing. We […]
homeschool moms
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Homeschool Moms The Secrets

Homeschool Moms Homeschool MomsĀ This the door, and this the living room, and this the living room too. Everything’s the living room.( dramatic music) – Hi everyone, I’m a little irked because Jacob and everyone is […]
Homeschool Mom
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Homeschool Mom Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Homeschool Mom Homeschool Mom I’m going to show you how to realize the basic knit stitch. There are four factors for a homeschool mom to teach, basic knit stitch. I call them in, around, up, […]
Homeschool Art Lesson
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Homeschool Art Lesson-Color Wheel

Homeschool Art Lesson Homeshool Art Lesson Hi, this is Tracy Cheney for Expert Village and we’re learning about primary color and secondary colors today. This is an experiment you can do right at your kitchen […]
Education Technology
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Education Technology-Helping students read in a new way

Education Technology Education Technology in an important aspect of modern education. Education Technology makes it easy to teach kids the lessons they need to know to be successful in life. The true purpose of education […]
Homeschool Common Core
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Homeschool Common Core Standards-Reading

Homeschool Common Core Homeschool Common Core I teach Kindergarten at Ruby Duncan Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada and I have 21 amazing kindergarten students in my classroom. Ooh, what do you encounter? Whose mother […]