Homeschool Adventures in Math and Reading

homeschool adventures

Homeschool Adventures

- Homeschool adventures Laura woke up super early this morning, and so I was going to attempt to try to sleep on the lounge while she was awake, and so I made some barricades, read I introduced her down there with some dolls, and I like blocked off everything, I moved the lounge over here so she couldn't fall down the stairs. Now that I'm waking up a little more I realize this might not be a very good idea.

I get asked a lot about how I homeschool different minors at different sensibilities, because their abilities are all different, and this morning as we were doing our task I fantasized I'd grab the camera to show you because this is an activity that worked really well with their different senility heights, so what we did today is we went patronizing as their own families. I have these alphabet cards now, and the minors would just pick an alphabet placard, and then they would make their word downstairs, and one at a time they would pick out a plaything, so for example with B, you are able to do a dance or a bandanna or whatever. Elise, did you really buy a princess kit? -[ Elise] Mm-hmm. -[ Kendra] What word did you have? - P. -[ Kendra] P, what sound does P fix? - P-pp princess. - And I really did T. -[ Kendra] You really did T, what did you buy? - These, um, these fix lines. -[ Kendra] Those fix lines, very nice.

Caleb, I would ask him to count a certain number of coins into the container, so I didn't ask him to differentiate between any of them, I just asked him to have homeschool adventures, and I helped him to count. Elise had homeschool adventures when she paid for some treats for school.  I asked her a number and a find a set of coin to equal the amount.  So we talked about the difference between these, so she would find six dimes, or she would count, know, seven one-fourths, so she was differentiating between type and talking to me about them, and then with Isaac I could just tell him, that costs a dollar and 17 pennies, and he would count that out. - Four one-fourths, one dime, one nickel and two pennies. - So my other favorite thought about the above activities is because I have them patronizing downstairs, I got to teach them one at a time, and so I was here counting with Elise and schooling her about the silvers, and then I would notify her on her next word, and she would go downstairs to pinpoint something that represented that letter's sound, and by that part Isaac was coming up or Caleb, and it intent up being a really great activity.

It perhaps only took us about 20 times, and I think they each really did four happenings perhaps, but that was reviewing word resonates, it was playing, and it was also working on money and figures, so now we're gonna move into our decipher duration. But that's just one example of one of the hands-on acts, we'll still be doing Isaac's math book afterward, but this is just a kind of morning interactive acts that we do. Uhm I really noticed in the background this awesome sauce. - That's so Kendra. Kendra will have seven beakers in the bedroom, like all half full. - Hey, at least two of those are in the bathroom, and then there's like three on the counter, I really, apparently really like to have beakers, and they usually all have about that much sea in them.

Our little homeschool adventures ended with a shopping trip.  The children and I took the coin and placed them into the container.  We took off for the store. The kids wanted to buy candy but I said no at first, then I broke down and let them have some homeschool adventures at the penny candy section of the store,

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