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Start Homeschooling Today Jeremy What do you think, should we get this one? - I want this one. - Tonight's back to institution nighttime, and so they're roused to come and encounter their teachers and receive what it's all about. -[ Kendra] What did you guys do?( Laura screams) Make me see your face, Caleb. Examines like the boys went into Elise's play makeup. - Yes, we did.Let start homeschooling today! -[ Kendra] Are you guys in birth? - Yeah.

- So these two have just become partners in crime we are going to start homeschooling today. Laura just got off the berth, and she goes, "Cubby! " And Caleb becomes, "What? " And she goes guiding off down the foyer, and I'm like, oh my loving. Anyway, they're cute, and I have to keep track of them, undoubtedly. Miss Laura, what did you find? What did you find?( chuckles) Ow. I just got out of the rain, and regardless, since I was sick yesterday, it feels so nice to take a neat long rain, and I'm cleaning the membranes on our berth, like trying to various kinds of like suffer cleanse after seeming blah and sticky. So regardless, Jeremy's home for lunch which is nice, that's the only room I was able to take a long shower.

- So on Sunday we were at faith, and we were getting in the car to come home from faith, and our automated door closed halfway and then stopped, and it was stuck there. We objective up getting the door closed with a lot of brute force, but our van is in at the browser right now, and Kendra's on the phone right now to see what the finding is, how much this is gonna cost. - $2,200. -[ Jeremy] For just the door? - For just the door, or $2,154. -[ Jeremy] Okay. - Like whoa, that's a lot of money. Like we have two doors for the back of our van, we'll just claim it's a one-doored van if that's how much it's gonna cost. - Timeout, so only a few years ago, we get a note from Toyota saying that their slide doors are defective, and that's the exact door that we have right now that won't open. And now that we got it closed, it won't open, so that's kind of our problem.

Anyway, they said that they would tie the problem free of charge if it separated within nine years of buy, and our van is 2006, so we knew we were like right on the bubble. So we call up to Toyota, and we have only missed the deadline. Like just a couple months. They said they wouldn't tie it free of charge, but they would consider opening up a deduction if we took the van up to public officials Toyota dealer and had them diagnose it, so we packed up the family and we're driving up to the dealership, time in. -[ Kendra] Laura, can you say Cubby? - Kendra Cubby. Is that your epithet? - Yeah.

-[ Kendra] Yeah? - Well, it's just my-- - One of his nicknames. -[ Kendra] Yeah, it's one of your nicknames. Laura, can you say Cubby? - Cubby. -[ Kendra] Say Cubby. - Cubby. -[ Kendra]( chuckles) I affection it. - It's because I couldn't say, Caleb, I merely could tell Cubby. -[ Kendra] When Caleb was born, when he was a baby? - Yeah, so that's how it became Caleb's name. - Okay, so here's our doubt for you, what kind of crazy nicknames have you gotten from their own families in your life? Jeremy? - I intend, Germ was clearly pretty standard, I was announced Germ, Germinator. My grandpa announced me Toddy Woody. - For me in their own families, my little brother couldn't say my epithet, so I was announced Ken-Ken. -[ Caleb] Yay. - We're at Bass Pro Shop. - This is where we're going, right? -[ Kendra] Yup. - Yay.( Kendra chuckles) -[ Children Together] I see it, I see it! - I receive the place! I receive the place that we get last-place time.

- They were so excited about homeschooling, Elise's face, she just like lighted up, and then she was like jumping down the hallway as we left her kindergarten class, she was just like, "I'm so excited." - The other thing very, and all their teachers were so nice. - So neat. - And the Start Homeschooling Today community has continued surprised to see me, that is why we started homeschool today. - He like still thinks it's crazy. - I grew up a public school kid. - And he thought that homeschoolers were crazy. - So I go to these events where there's like 100, 200 homeschool kids, and it's like they're just ordinary households that are like us.

Or maybe we're not ordinary anymore. - There we go. -Start Homeschooling Today We're the weirdo.( laughter) - Either way, there were so many terrific parties there tonight, like I was just really excited about this whole new network of friends for the boys, and for us, and they set up field trips, and it's really gonna be really exciting, so. - It's exciting, it will commit our boys an opportunity to hear a lot of those social skills that I envision parties are worried about homeschool, like how to stand in line, and how to go to recess, and have lunch.

- But they're only there the working day a week, and the rest of the week to Start Homeschooling Today, so I feel like it's gonna be a good balance for us. - Alright, we love you guys, thanks so much for watching. J House out. - Caleb made a girlfriend. -[ Jeremy] A girlfriend?( boys playing and serious music ).

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