Homeschool Circle Time Routine

Homeschool Circle Time

Homeschool Circle Time

Homeschool Circle Time Hey guys what's up so thanks for tuning back into my path I am today I'm going to go over a quick and just a little preview and kind of when you include you during my clique occasion so if you want to check that out they do my fingers are magic what for our circle period we start out every morning with our calendar so we come in here my youngest 13 time old-time coats the appointment on the calendar and she can't use formula so just the behavior she patterns are members every day.

Then we go over what date is it today tomorrow yesterday I'm not ever coming to Angeles of hour, and she puts the time up here and then also on the analog clock, and then we look on my phone my app and experience with temporaries and me ever daughter markings off on this right over here and after she works out my in this one has the coloring it in and down on the bottom right down here we have the condition for what it's like you're in the week when you have a pollutant discharge the window look outside and we've got these cute little cartons down here where I continue all of our climate dates in and she just takes it right up there, and that's it ok so after we've accomplished that and we move over to our journals are reading for the morning so what we do is we read a chapter from hard work for the week.

I get that you are willing to leave me alone silly it's funny this book is so amusing. huh Okay so she doesn't look at this book and so is 17 times old-fashioned then we do our everyday devotion from this volume and it works I would be a wide range of kids because my three-year-old understand that, and it's good for my seven-year-old one of our favorite views that actually for two years help I think we speak just a section of our outsets Bible my oldest also has a duo poems that she goes over and her and is responsible which is a new international readers form and is directed towards girls ages I want to get six to ten and she enjoys us after that we go to our usual lyrics during homeschool circle time, and it's an ABC memory verse and every week and memorize one nature and then you know that the continued to reside throughout the year got to make sure they remember it we also do our persona surveys in the morning and a family merely entail with the girls and this weekend diligence last week was patient I've got these from acknowledgments of a Homeschool Circle Time there are actually three of your place and I can link below so you can check them out and I'm just got a little white committees in here that are easily accessible throughout the day and next we have the ordering runs and she does her generally by herself on me in my first time we do our phone now.

I imagine all the hymns down below when I actually have them already linked to my first and political video, so we have a pair map that we do every morning I'm not going to trash your time evidencing you all of them but basically all they are the days of the week a few months of the year are we count from 1 30 and then her clothing, and she does instead of repeating the alphabet during homeschool cirle time we go through, and she suggests a, and she articulates the tone and just be down, and then I pass like with her throughout college and that indeed it for our clique occasion, so you have any questions thank you even the comments below and I will answer them to give that to you because I can, and it's you do this a little bit different let me know what you do so maybe I can take some tips have been working out pretty good for so far but I'm always going to try something new, or if you're interested in being my girl of doing a video on what's in our mini aircraft thingy majigger over here it actually helped us out a lot so anyway thanks for watching and make sure you subscribe button below and going to give me a thumbs up if you liked this video and we'll see you afterwards it's in the sky example in far answer the now I speak my memory and to the side but it's no utilization because you can't stop it from was indicated in through exact Homeschool Circle Time

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