Homeschool Routine-Bailey’s Day of Homeschool

Homeschool Routine

Homeschool Routine

Homeschool routine well mine anyway. Hello, welcome to Bailey's Bookshelf ♫ Where I answer your questions ♫ And read a book and tell it to you ♫ Perfect! - Hello, welcome to Bailey's Bookshelf, where every Thursday, we answer your questions. Today, I'm talking about The Giving Tree. It's a great book by Shel Silverstein it part of my Homeschool routine. Okay, this book is about a tree who gave this little boy whatever he wanted. The tree's so nice that it's kind and it gives everything the boy wants. The boy does whatever he wants to do with the tree's stuff.

He plays and swings and eats apples and sleeps under her shade under the tree's shade. The tree doesn't stop giving the boy things even though it's getting old and the boy's getting old. The tree loves (mumbles), and the little boy loves the tree. This is the author. Shel Silverstein. I've read four other Shel Silverstein books, and this one is my favorite! When I read that book, it makes me happy.

Maggie Ly says, "Hey Bailey! "Can you do a funny face for us?" Audri Pappas says "Do you think I could get a shout-out... "Please, I love you" What does that mean? I'm going to give a shout-out to Audri Pappas. This says, "I love you." So should I say, "I love you, Audri Pappas"? I love you, Audri Pappas! I have a special thank you to Jamie. She gave me this puppy, and he's so cute. You're too cute. You're too cute. And she gave me this cool Monsters Inc. glove, the other hand, right? Okay, maybe (laughs) Okay, this one is bizarre. I have to put two fingers in one of them. And... Hi, it's me Miranda (laughs) If you want to send me things like Jamie did, my address is in the info box below. Dixon Foolery says, "Bailey, I know "that you're homeschooled and I'm very interested "in homeschooling my two kids. "I was wondering if you could take us "on a day of your homeschool routine if any.

"How do you feel about being homeschooled? "You read very well." Thank you. Well, when I was three and a half years old, I learned how to read, and I did a reading lesson. Mom, can you show me the book? It's called A Hundred Easy Lessons to Teach your Child How to Read, and you can teach your child how to read out of that. My routine is I usually... Wait, for the whole day? - [Woman] Yeah On Mondays, I wake up, do my morning routine. This is the order it goes in: Get dressed, brush teeth, clean sink, clean potty, and wash hands. And after that, I go and eat breakfast. After I eat my lunch, I do some school on the computer, which I call easy peasy, and it's a great homeschooling thing, I love it. After the machine, I do my social studies. I do my addition workbook and my addition textbook, right, Mom? And then I do Draw Right Now! Then I play and then I have lunch. Then, I go to nap, and I stop reading books, really, really, really early in my nap time, and I have to go to Girl Scouts.

I go to Girl Scouts, and then I spend a lot of fun time there, then I play until my daddy comes home, and then I have a little more time to play while daddy makes food. (playful music) I love Friday; I can't wait 'til Friday because it's zoo camp and my mom's packing me Larabars, and I love Larabars. Zoo camp is not the usual zoo camp. It's unusual for homeschoolers; it's cool, you don't even have to wear a particular zoo camp shirt. I just like Fridays because of that. I love Fridays because of that homeschooling zoo camp.

I think it's a good idea to homeschool your kids. I think (sneezes) (laughs) I think you should take all of these classes: Awanas, Kindermusik, my other music class! And... Girl Scouts. And lastly, I saved my favorite for last, zoo camp! Alyssa 072121 says, "Hi Bailey, What is your favorite stuffed animal and why?" This is my favorite stuffed animal he is part of my homeschool routine. I'll tell you about how I first got her. She was my first stuffed animal I slept with, and I was like four or two years old, and I was tossing and turning in my bed, my brother was already asleep. My mom said, "I'll give you a stuffed animal," and I said, "Oh, Great, give me one," and she gave me this lamb and I love her, and I loved her, and I loved her, and I like her always. (mumbles) Oh, her name is Lamby, and I have two names for her: Lamby and (mumbles). Okay, next. Miranda Sings says, "Bailey, who do you like better, "Miranda sings or Colleen? "You better say, Miranda." I don't know; I like both, they're perfect, it's like a tie. Okay, next question: Ashley Mia says, "Hi Bailey, "if there was a new boy in your class that is cute, "what will you say to him? "P.S.

I'm a Ballerina, and you're awesome." I don't have a class, but I live in my home, and my home is my class. My baby brother is so cute! homeschool routine. He is part of my And maybe someday my mom will have a new baby brother and I would say he's so cute and I would hug him the day he was first born, I'm so excited to have a new baby. Okay, there are more questions? - [Woman] Nope. - Okay, bye! Please remember to subscribe and like and... be my Ballerina. (laughs) Don't point at people, Parker, don't point at people, don't point at people!.

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