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Homeschool Moms This the door, and this the living room, and this the living room too. Everything's the living room.( dramatic music) - Hi everyone, I'm a little irked because Jacob and everyone is in here and everyone, one, one is in here. I want to put in on the monkey husk. Hi, I got video. -Homeschool moms What are you guys working on today? Appear! Look what the moms set up for you. - A thousand article puzzle. - We did the first corner, we're on the lollipop right now. -[ Jessica] And they're all adjusted.

( mumbles) you, that's good, do you like that? Wow, you're a vlogger starring. - Hi, everyone, welcome to our house. homeschool moms in California. We're in Canada. ( laughters) -[ Jessica] Do you miss Katherine? - Yeah. -[ Jessica] I posted she'll watch this video. - Thank you. Dear Katherine, I love you so much and I hope you hear me healthy in Jesus' name, Amen. I yeah, yeah, that's her( mumbles ). -[ Jessica] Here's a picture of homeschool moms. Here she is, see if the camera can focus on it. Here she is. - Can I see it? -[ Jessica] What's she doing, Parker? - Comprising a baby. -[ Jessica] Isn't she doing a good job? - Yeah. Katherine's holding a child right there, it's a baby doll, so she'll really( mumbles) because I with mama and daddy and Jacob and Bailey and my friends and my family. Jesus' epithet, Amen. I'm gonna present you everything, okay homeschool moms? Okay? That's the bathroom, this the kitchen, okay, Katherine? This the door and this the living room, and this the living room too, and everything's the living room, okay, homeschool moms? Goodbye. - So I'm starting to feel better, I merely have like one nostril kind of, like one sinus thing various kinds of stuffed.

My throat looks a lot better so we are having one last day of kind of, at the house, chilling out, get healthy. We've been kind of quarantined for like a week now. The children have been having so much merriment in the backyard that I'm just very stoked on that. They do this thing called Adventure Wars which we've talked about before, but it's like this whole world they've created where Bailey's Ella, Jacob is James, Parker is Peter, and they go to room, and they opposed monsters and bad guys.

Bailey, do you want to describe it any differently? - We're just normal people but we fight bad people. -[ Jessica] How do you fight them? - With weapons.( giggles) Like Ella( mumbles) a lot about ogres and she can to kill a very bad, bad ogre. -[ Jessica] How? - She sets pepper in its eyes. There's this huge monster, and all she brought with her was pepper and a snack. -[ Jessica]( tittering) Okay. - She ate the snack and the pepper and she sprinkled the pepper in the monster's eyes and it expired. -[ Jessica] So that's Adventure Wars. I secretly, homeschool mom hope that they'll someday develop it enough that we'll make a journal or like move it into a movie or- -[ Bailey] We are going to turn it into a movie. - Yeah, the kids have large-scale programs and I'm hoping we stick to that. So wait, what are you gonna do? - Turn it into a movie. -[ Jessica]( tittering) When do we get to start filming it? - Today, maybe? - So my regulation for them was I want them to write me a script, it's a homeschool mom strategy, but it's also company and actually getting a good movie, like I'm trying to encourage them to write a script.

It's be really good. - I don't really want to make a script. I feel like we've got it all planned out already. -[ Jessica] I know but that's not true, you have to write the script firstly. It's really important. Or at least to organize themselves, like write out your shots or storyboard it. - I'll storyboard it. -[ Jessica] You'll storyboard it, okay. Do you need some newspaper? - Yeah. -[ Jessica] Okay. - I have some. - Gotcha. I figured I'd show you a little bit of what we're homeschooling here in Canada. I printed out these note booking pages, which are a lot of fun. They kind of look like this, Wildlife. So, they're basically a cluster of captions, all about different things in this field. Likewise, I have the Shutterfly app on my phone which I highly recommend, where you can take photographs of the day and if you remember and are genuinely organized and has only one album that you've already planned out, you can go and upload that immediately to an album that day.

So the end of each day, or even right away, when we take a picture of something in Canada, like I take a picture of Bailey with a bloom or something, I save that to the Shutterfly album and then I'm hoping at the end of the trip I'll have all the pictures just like, ready for me to, I consider I'm just gonna print them out and then have them glue them to this notebook and have this great collect of our trip. And I might also make like, an actual album, but we'll discover. One of my goals in my life is to be better at photo organisation and albums because, I intend, we already have all these videos so it's kind of like we don't need to, but I always as a kid desired searching through photo albums so it's important to me.

The new age of cell phones taking as a zillion depicts, and all your paintings come out really good and you simply set them on Instagram, I feel like we don't, or at least I don't, coordinate my photos very well. They merely kind of disappear into cyberspace. So that has been one of my goals the last couple times, to get better at it, and I have been improving, but I do have a ways to go. I genuinely do desire the Shutterfly app because we learned about it in Jacob's little preschool program that we do with him, which is a Mommy and Me Preschool, "we've got to" make an album for it to the end of the year which is a lot of stress for me, but I'm really glad they construct us do it, and that worked really well for me. Because it was a weekly program, so each week I would just upload all those photographs and now I have an actual album.

And I also have an album of Parker being born. Don't have one of Jacob or Bailey yet, because I wasn't as good at these sorts of things and you have to grow as a person. The other thing the kids are doing is that they've decided to make a healthy cookbook. - And the second thing is we're also making a brand-new movie as well that's called, Critter County. -[ Jessica] Weren't you calling it Critter Country? -[ Bailey] Critter Country. - The children have been developing their Critter personas, so they've been doing this cookbook, and it's just healthy recipes that we're making and basically, I induce breakfast or something with them and then they write down the ingredients at the end. They made this first of all, which is really cute, that's the embrace. Let me show you what Bailey attained me. This is so sweet. That's me and her and she captured the suitcases under my eyes really well, and then she wrote, "Whenever I'm with Mommy I'm happy." I desire that I want to frame it and put it somewhere where they wouldn't spill on it.

Here's one example of their note booking pages. This is Jacob's, it looks like it did get spilled on. So he drew some snails and other, he tried to write "snails" which is really cute, he wrote other insects that he has seen here. And then here is Bailey. She researched the geography. We found out that Canada, it's not a Democracy and it's not a Monarchy. It's actually a Federal Monarchy and we were trying to like, figure that out. It's very interesting and confusing, but I'm glad that question was questioned because we wouldn't have asked it otherwise. Okay, here's Bailey's banana smoothie page. Banana Berry Smoothie. So this is what we had for breakfast one day. "Banana Berry Smoothie: Two Bananas, " and she wrote "contains milk" as the allergy caution, "One Apple, Four Cups of Spinach, Two Cups of Frozen Berries, One Cup of Kefir and Half a Cup of Coconut Water." Bailey devised this, this was her notion. So "Banana Sause" and that is, she wrote, "good for rice cakes", that's what we did with it, and she wrote, "contains peanuts", little allergy telling-off, "Two Bananas, Three Spoonfuls of Peanut Butter, merge well, enjoy." So we used up our Vitamix and it came out really good actually at homeschool.

I reckon all the measurement are actually what we did, I kind of guessed when I was telling the kids what to write because that's how I do it, I merely kind of throw in whatever I can, and we made this like, it was kind of peaches-and-cream and fluffy, and it was really nice so, Bailey loved it. We spread all over a cluster of rice cakes and then Bailey finished the remainder by simply devouring it out of the receptacle that we threw it in. So that's what we've been up to in Canada with other homeschool moms . - Hi, let's talk about what we learned today. We learned that Parker enjoys to use the Monkey Pod. And if you don't know what a Monkey Pod is, it's this thing here, I'll merely show it to you, it's this, one of the following options, so let's set that back in there.

I like to use it too. We learned that everything is the living room, and finally we learned the Bailey is really good at capturing all the little details of a person in her drawing. Every baggy detail. Thanks for watching everybody, we'll see you next time.( giggles) John, Lee, Joshua, Corey and me. That's a lot. I offered to take the middle seat, how are you doing in the middle bench? - I don't mind, I'm in between two of my favorites people.

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