Homeschool Convention 2018 Preparing For Curriculum

Homeschool Convention 2018

Homeschool Convention 2018 Preparation

Homeschool Convention 2018, So, you've committed to diving into homeschooling, and now you're going to your very first homeschool convention?! How exciting! BUT, how intimidating! There is SO MUCH to see and do at the meeting, I recommend taking some time to be prepared for your arrival.

Homeschool Convention 2018 Vendors

First, make sure it's in the budget. Buying homeschool curriculum in the vendor hall at the convention is only a fraction of what you'll spend. Don't forget the food, lodging, and travel expenses, as well. If attending a conference is going to set you back with debt, then it's probably best to bypass it this year and instead, make plans to participate in next year. Decide your spending allotment for the event and then just divide to determine how much to take away over the year. This decision will allow you plenty of time to put money aside for your convention allowance.
If the budget is NOT an issue, then it's time to get down to the business of planning! Begin by reviewing the seminar speaker/topic list and look for your favorite authors, speakers, and subjects. If you're new to homeschooling, then browse the list to hone in on the titles your homeschooling friends have enthusiastically endorsed. No input from fellow homeschoolers? Then just tag the ones that call out to you as you read through the workshop descriptions. You don't have to be wholly committed to the choices you earmark ahead of time. You never know - you might meet someone in the coffee line that shares a real plum with you. Be prepared ahead of time, but be flexible in case you want to switch gears once you're on-site at the event.

Homeschool Convention 2018 Bring the Family

Don't forget about your husband if he's attending with you. Review the seminar topics a SECOND time with your husband and ask him what he's interested in at that time. If he is not planning to attend, then you should still take the time to review the list with him, as he can give you his input on the topic list. Sometimes he can see things you miss, and he can give you a fresh perspective by suggesting topics that he has observed needs attention in your classroom.
What about the kids? Will they accompany you? If so, take the time to review the seminar topic list a THIRD time looking for homeschool curriculum of interest to your children. This homeschooling gig is a family affair. There's no reason why they shouldn't get their batteries recharged at the convention, too!

Homeschool Convention 2018

There's a lot of preparation involved in attending the convention. If you've overviewed the first part of this series, then you've tackled the budget issue, and you also have all your topics of interest chosen. Now, it's time to move on to figuring out the details of where you'll lay your head to rest. You'll need to find out if there is a particular rate for lodging. If there is a group discount available, be sure to take advantage of it when you call to reserve the hotel room. Many convention hosts realize homeschoolers will be traveling from afar and have pre-arranged discounts on your behalf. Don't spend unnecessarily by not inquiring!

Homeschool Convention 2018 Ask for help

Ask your homeschooling friends where they intend to stay and make an effort to stay in the same hotel. Chances are there will be some downtime after a long day of events where you can connect to the hotel pool for fun and fellowship. You will be creating a lifetime memory for your children, as well. They will look back on your convention trip with fond memories for years to come.

Homeschool Convention 2018 Summary

Review the vendor hall list and make a note of the publishers that you're interested in, so you can take the time to visit their booth. Perhaps they will have special convention pricing available also. If not, you can still utilize the opportunity to "touch & feel" that particular curriculum program that you've been wondering about beforehand.
Take some extra bucks for the kids to spend. It's very likely that your avid reader will find a "new" gem in the "used" books booth. Your hands-on learner may discover an exciting construction toy that hits the spot. Or, perhaps your little drama diva could find the perfect puppets for her next show. There are tons of great fun and EDUCATIONAL treasures to be had in the vendor hall!

The convention is not just about homeschool curriculum. It's about getting your confidence built up and refueling for the new school year. Taking the time to prepare BEFORE heading out to the big event will increase your chances of having a stress-free, encouraging, and enjoyable experience.