Homeschool Field Trips-Get the Most out Them

Homeschool Field Trips, Homeschool Field Trips-Get the Most out Them, Family Homeschooler, Family Homeschooler

Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool Field Trips Folks would take a look at me horrified, and I would be mystified and want me to justify how I could take my child away from traditional book learning and make my lessons alive and fun with homeschool field trips.  After probing the Internet I discovered that we could also take virtual Field trips to places around the world.   We were studying France in one of our history lessons and I discovered that we could virtually travel around the Eiffel Tower, the Arc DE Triumph, and other historical sites without leaving our home.  For instance, American History, had us visiting the  Titanic Exhibit, Vicksburg for Civil War Reenactments, and so many places I couldn't believe the experiences we were having.  Besides the stumbling upon these field trips.  and knowledge concerning the historical events we also visited local museums, the library, and other places which were close to our home.

Do Research

I raised many queries into our computer and discovered so many places we could visit. We collected brochures and saved them for future reference.  If there's a tour handbook presented, encourage your kids to ask many questions to satisfy their curiosity. If there are, no tour guides write down a question they come up with and use the exhibit to explore and confirm the answers to your questions. Look up remaining questions on the internet when you get home\We plan to take our next voyage to a Homeschool Field Trips to the Science Center. We have a list we will bring and find the answers to the question which were asked during our science lessons. Here we plan to get a first-hand look at how sound travels.  I hear we will be able to do this with several of the exhibits there.  We also plan to visit the area where we can see how gravity affects work and compare several devices which make work easier.  We are excited to have these opportunities.

We also like to get together with other Homeschooling families and plan lessons and trips together.  It is a great way to let children interact with one another while homeschooling.  Take these opportunities and make sure your children have the best learning opportunity available to them.  They will learn more and have fun while doing it.