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Homeschool Lifestyle

Homeschool Lifestyle

Homeschool Lifestyle Hey, Michelle Caskey from Homeschool-Your-Boys here. Today, I would like to share a gratuity with you that I've learned over its first year that our homeschooling should work around our lives versus our lives driving around homeschooling. And the lane I want to illustrate this is this is me and my garden it's actually February in Michigan which quite often we will have a ton of snow this time of year. But, God has decided to give us a relief. It's actually sunny and 64 degrees today which might not sound very warm to parties down in the south of the US but in Michigan in February that's amazing. So, I'm outside with short sleeves and my sons are very happy because they haven't totally finished their institution work for the day. Shhh! don't tell my husband. They still both have math to do and perhaps a couple interesting thing on their checklist for the working day but because it's so beautiful and sunny out I decided that I would scrap our normal homeschool schemes and we would go outside and enjoy the benefits of this weather.

So, my boys have been outside killing basketball, they've been running around the yard, and I've been for an amble and we've just been soaking in the sunshine. So, you know there's been eras before when I've been a little bit more rigid in my homeschooling project and I would have said, "Guys, hurry up. We've gotta finish up this checklist with all these homeschools contrives so that we can get outside and take advantage of the beautiful climate. And then sometimes we wouldn't fairly get done and the condition would be gone. So, now I've learned that you know what ?!? Close those notebooks up. When God decides to give us a beautiful daylight come enjoy the benefits of it. Don't consume it by sitting inside and doing math worksheets because guess what ?!? Tomorrow the climate isn't going to be like this and the math sheets still be there. So, regardless, that's my tip for today. Oblige assured that your homeschooling is wreaking around your life versus trying to fit your life in around your homeschooling.

Just one of the many little tips-off that I'm looking forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks. So, regardless, take care and if it's lovely where you're at I hope you're experiencing it with your boys. Watch you next time. Bye, Homeschool Lifestyle

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