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Summer Homeschool Program

Welcome and thanks for your interest in Summer Homeschool program. International Connections Academy is an accredited, online private school providing students in grades K-12 throughout the U. S. and abroad. We are dedicated to helping students recognize their full academic and personal potential through our places great importance on career and college readiness, distinguished instruction, preparation for a global society, and the developed at a community of learners. When young children enroll in our online summer homeschool program, he or she enjoys a number of benefits.

At INACA, we understand that with summer reaches summer camps, vacations, and loosening - which is why we give 6 different dates from which you can choose to begin class.

Summer Classes

Summer school classes generally begin in early June and must be completed early August. All of our teachers are certified in their content region and are experienced in online instruction. Additionally, each student will have access to a support tutor to aid throughout the course. Lastly, the course in which your student has enrolled demises as soon as his or her work is accomplished, so they don't have a strict timeline to follow as you would expect in a traditional summer academy environment.

We give a vast array of courses for students to take advantage of the summer months. High School Original Credit tracks promote high school students to fulfill graduation requirements, explore the best interest, or accelerate their academic advancement. High-pitched School Credit Recovery tracks ensure students earn the credits to move forward and acquire the skills to succeed. High-pitched School Career Technical Education( CTE) courses help your high school student explore and further develop interests and earn credits at the same time.

From Business to Criminal Justice to Sociology, our CTE courses can help transform curiosities into careers. Students in middle school have the opportunity to enroll in Language Arts and Math tracks to brush up on the core knowledge in preparation for the next tier degree or to evaluation content from the previous school year. Summer Smarts Math and Language Arts programs give your kindergarten through 8th-grade student a chance to review foundational the competencies and grasp requirement conceptions in order to move forward in school.

Educational Technology

Educational Technology Courses for students in grades K-8 combine crucial reading and math knowledge with engineering instruction, stirring memorizing fun and relevant for today's tech-savvy student. We also give World Language tracks for students in grades K-8 and NC-AAEligible tracks for high school students. INACA is excited to offer discounts for our summer academy programs. The Summer School Family Plan offers households who purchase two or more summer smarts tracks or two or more middle school core courses a 10% off the full amounts of the. Current full-time Connections Academy students receive 5% off of the full amounts of the cost. And, military households receive a 10% discount off the full amounts of the cost. Prevent in brain that all tracks bought with discounts must be conducted over the phone, as the website will not accommodate those discounts.

Want to keep your kids academically engaged but still enjoy the freedom of this summer? Join summer homeschool program this summer.

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