Homeschool Apps

Homeschool Apps-Studying and Time Management

Homeschool Apps Homeschool apps to make studying and time management a breeze. The first Homeschool Apps we are going to talk about is called Memorigi and it’s a really easy to use time administration app […]
Fraction Song

Fraction Song-Simplifying Fractions

Fraction Song Learning the fraction song to calculate two-fourths to simplest figure: write out all the factors of 2 and 4. The greatest common factor is two, so segment them both by two. 2/4= 1/2, […]

PonyPop 5 – Homeschool

PonyPop Hey, people, this is a little bit different video. Today I – if you recollect the last video, uh, then I will be – I believe I’m going to be talking about school. And […]