PonyPop 5 – Homeschool



Hey, people, this is a little bit different video. Today I - if you recollect the last video, uh, then I will be - I believe I'm going to be talking about school. And my dad's holding the camera this time...so I can show you some things better. I'm walking backward!( So you can see my face, and not my back and my pillage!) Agh! I almost tripped on school box...so, I'm going to be talking about homeschool. Let's begin! First thing I'm going to say is homeschool- this is something you need to know about homeschool - - homeschool is like its name...where you do your school at home! One of your parents will teach you...usually...this is something I doubt would happen, but perhaps a baby sitter or somebody would come over, but...

Our Routine

My mom teaches me. I think her unusually - large homeschool you simply cannot teach your parents, they teach you. But, what I also mentioned...that could possibly happen. So....what's the, um...this is the school room. My dad's turning around the camera. Wooooooooo! So, um, over here is where my mom will sit so we'll begin with Bible period. This is where my mom will sit. And...my brother will sit on--- I and my brother will sit on this rainbow carpet...pad, plaid carpet ... Plaid necessitates squares we need to play Ponypop( I don't want to go into that...turn into style !) I'll usually sit at in an area. Sometimes my mom will sit right here during a Ponypop game. My brother will sometimes sit over here...sometimes he gets mad and sits over here. And then after Bible period, we'll start with Math. Then we play the Ponypop game again.

My Brother

Now, I and my brother both have a back of the table to sit...this is my brother's back - the shelf - his back/ my back. So, I'll sit here. JJ, my brother, will sit there. When we have a new lesson we usually hear a new lesson down here. Um, ok, so...when we do school we'll have a read. And after the read we'll go to, I believe History. C'mon, dad! Again, I'm walking backward...gotta stop by to interpret - one of my doggies! She's so cute, but it's only one...and I'm holding its head.

JJ, tell "hi" This is my homeschool pal( also known as "my brother") He likes "dabs" He's playing him - he likewise likes - he's addicted to video games. We'll go in the kitchen, we have - we'll build our snacks, usually I have Goldfish( I really like them ). Then ... ... my brother are normally sit here. I sit here. This is...I'll give you a depict. So, sometimes I'll sit here. That's - and - then usually my mom sits here! So, I'll sit...so ...( sorry, dad, sorry )... we're almost completed. So, my, so...usually I'll sit down with my color carton, a color sheet, and my Goldfish. Then, we get a break - usually we go right downstairs( where the cute doggy is !) Usually, we'll play downstairs in the living chamber. Generally, we rough house...we have two living rooms. The puppy simply went into mom's chamber. We're not going in there.

But I still have to look at my puppy, she's on my mom's bunk! Does she want to get down? No! She laid down. And, so, I'm getting...going upstairs. And we'll go back in here, which is, I believe, my LEAST favorite topic. Even though I'm six years old, I'm in...side the first point. This is kind of embarrassing, but I'm still various kinds of reading how to read. So I'll sit down and learn to see with my mom. I'm doing good. And...then my brother will do his stuff.And, so I guess that's it for school.

Have Fun

That's it for my homeschool. And so I'll give you a better incident of the classroom,' cause I don't think my dad passed you a better- a good one. Desk. Table. Making sure I can go close - go fast- go slow enough. So I'm going around...trying to give, trying to get done at a certain time. So...this is a...this is a...I made this for my mom on Mother's Day. My dad's computer. The random color box on the rug! Time's up! Mirror again! Clock. And...my dad. Goodbye! Pleased to get dizzy! Uh, I'm dizzy! Heh, dad.

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