Successful Academic Summer Camp

Successful Academic Summer Camp Set-Up and Development

Successful Academic Summer Camp Set-Up Successful Academic Summer Camp, Summer campsites provide a chance for children to take part in ventures that are entertaining as well as educational. The educational summer camps are vast learning […]
multiple intelligence

Multiple Intelligence Understanding The Research Science

Multiple Intelligence Understanding The Research Science Multiple Intelligence, How to determine and understanding your child’s learning style:  Understanding Multiple Intelligence in children can help parents find areas where children can excel. According to Gardner’s theory, intelligence […]
Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills-A Common Homeschool Obstacle

 Common Homeschool Obstacle Time Management Skills, Practicing time management in the homeschool setting is one of the most tedious chores for parents and children alike. Out of all the devices that the homeschool family gets […]
Homeschooling Regrets

Homeschooling Regrets-Learn How to Homeschool

Homeschooling Regrets-Use Them To Learn How to Homeschool Homeschooling Regrets, This summer, my husband and I got to take our three grown children and son-in-law to England for a family vacation. (Ever since then I […]
Homeschool Grading Policy

Homeschool Grading Policy-Transcripts and Grades

Homeschool Grading Policy-Transcripts and Grades Homeschool Grading Policy, Many homeschooling parents operate with the assumption that grading and learning don’t go together, and that grading, is a recent discovery and should be not used in homeschool. […]
Interest-Led Learning

Interest-Led Learning-Homeschool Curriculum Choice

Interest-Led Learning Child-Led Curriculum Interest-Led Learning, Are your hard to teach kids struggling with attention? Do you wish you could spice things up to gain the upper hand? Why not try interest led learning? Here […]
Fragment Learning Online

Fragment Learning Online-Random Learning Brain Recall

Fragment Learning Online – Extensive Data in Quick Bite-Sized Intervals and Brain Recall Fragment Learning Online, Okay so, perhaps like me you are a news junkie, and you surf all the technology and science articles, and […]