Homeschool Textbooks – 3 Reasons Why to Use Them

homeschool textbooks

Homeschool Textbooks. In the early days of homeschooling, homeschool books were hard to find. There are so many of them; it's hard to know what to choose. There are several reasons people use homeschool textbooks. Here are a few of them and some tips on how to avoid burnout if you use them.

1. You want someone to hold your hand through homeschooling. Many people think they are not qualified to homeschool and want someone to guide them through correctly what to do.
2. You want to be sure to "get it all done." People think public school systems can use textbooks and teach the children what they need to learn. Therefore, they believe that homeschoolers need to have books to complete a year of school.
3. Homeschool Books are better able to keep you on track. If you follow a book, you know exactly how far into the year you are and whether you are behind or not.

The fact is that people who use homeschool textbooks tend to have a higher burnout rate. If you use a book and find that it is too challenging or too simple or doesn't suit your child's learning style, you either need to adapt the curriculum or plod through the year.

Homeschool Textbooks
One way to avoid burnout is to vary the learning/teaching style that you are using. Kids who like workbooks will probably enjoy sitting and filling them out for an hour or more a day, but children who are more hands-on learners may struggle.

Homeschool Textbooks

If this is the case in your home, find ways to learn the material in the book without having to read and answer questions. Take field trips, act out the war or time of history that you are studying, do experiments, draw pictures, or do art projects related to the text.

Homeschool Textbooks
Sometimes parents enjoy using checklists instead of homeschool books. They still keep them on track but provide a more varied approach to homeschooling.