Homeschool Transcript Sample-Preparing Official Transcripts

Homeschool Transcript Sample

Homeschool Transcript Sample-Preparing the Homeschool Transcript

Homeschool Transcript Sample, For homeschool families, sometimes the question of whether or not to prepare a transcript for their student is not the only question. Many times, the more challenging problem is how to put this document together. The fear is that colleges may or may not think your transcript is "real" if you do it incorrectly. After you have taken the first step and determined what you will include on your transcript, the next step is to learn how you will do that.

Homeschool Transcript Sample Starting

The starting part of your homeschool transcript layout is to decide whether you will purchase a form, and there are lots of them out there, or whether you will create your own. In either case, colleges will still categorize your homeschool transcript as "homemade." A purchased transcript form is no more "official" for homeschoolers, so, my advice is to save the money, spend it on actual homeschooling, and prepare your transcript.

Homeschool Transcript Sample

If you opt to prepare your homeschool transcript, then the easiest way to go is to use either Microsoft Excel or Word blank documents and create the form you need. In Word, you can create tables to parallel all that Excel can do, but Excel will also allow you to input formulas for figuring GPA calculations. Whichever you use, you will start with four groupings of columns and rows, each group to reflect the four years of high school. Using your state's graduation standards, fill in a row for each semester half-credit that is required, by subject. Be sure to include each discipline that is necessary for meeting your state's standards. If your state does not indicate in which year a student must have a particular subject, then you can either decide in which year you will include that item, listing it there, or you can create a new grouping of columns and rows and label it "Additional Requirements."

Homeschool Transcript Sample List Subjects

After you have listed each subject for graduation, the next step is to include a summary box. In this table, you will provide a cumulative total of credits earned as well as the GPA. GPA stands for "Grade Point Average," and it is a composite number reflecting the number of A's, B's, C's, etc., assigning a weight to each letter grade, and calculating an average to represent the student's academic competence. If you are using Excel, you can enter formulas in these two boxes so that the totals automatic, there are numerous online GPA Calculators that you can use to calculate your homeschool student's GPA. You will want to update this number, and the credits earned each semester. This method keeps your homeschool transcript current and ready to go should you need it for driver's education discounts, state ID cards, etc.

Homeschool Transcript Sample Test Scores

Now you are ready to group another set of columns and rows for the SAT and ACT scores that your student has received. You will need to list the date of the test, the test sections, such as Math, Verbal, etc., and the individual scores earned. Depending on how many times your student has taken these tests, you may want to include only the two most recent test dates on your transcript. Colleges will expect you to forward the complete test histories from the test providers anyway, but visually being able to see the scores on the transcript gives a wealth of immediate validity to your homeschool program. This section of your transcript can be in smaller fonts as necessary to fit, but it is highly encouraged that you include this information in your layout.

Homeschool Transcript Sample Summary

The final aspect to your homeschool transcript layout is arranging these sets of columns and rows, along with heading information such as student's name, address, social security number, the name of your homeschool (if you have one), and current year in school. This arrangement will take a little work, but the goal is to get the entire bulk of information on one visually appealing page. You should not include graphics, cute images, or any other items that reduce the professional appearance of your transcript. A transcript is a formal document, and as the saying goes, it should reflect just the facts. You can get a sample copy of a transcript, by visiting the National Homeschool Academy website, sign up for the newsletters, and when prompted, indicate that you are responding to the "Sample Transcript" free offer.