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Kid President We're on a mission to draw the world more awesome for children. We wanted to talk to kids to see how they wanted to induce the world more awesome, so we came to the California Association of Student Leaders. I can't even say here today, okay I Kid President going to say it slowly. The California Association of Student Leaders. Yeah, it's as awesome as it voices. We talked to really smart minors and teens. Here's what they said. - I feel like girls have a lot to bring to the counter when it comes to change. - The worldwide would be more awesome if people tried to understand each person's point of view.

- If girls and adults could work together. - If there were less judgment and prejudice in this worldwide and that everyone accepted each other for whom they genuinely are and not for whom they view them to be. - If I were elected president I consider I would try just to stop the negativity of all the countries. -

If I were president I would fix migration because here, in the US, we stand for freedom and liberty, so why not welcome everyone from around the world with open arms. - I would find a way to see people more accepting towards each other. - I would give girls more of an expression. I feel like children need to be more empowered. They need to know that "the worlds" is gonna be in their hands some period, and they emphatically need to be taking the initiative. - I would specify the wage crack between men and women. - If I could give the world one message it would just be, do you? You are perfectly fine, however, "you think you're are.

- Treat people nicely because you don't know what people have gone through today. You don't know what their fib is and everybody has different opinions and if you only respect that person, then they'll respect you. - To be a leader it means to make a difference in the living conditions of other persons and genuinely entitle them to ascertain best available that they can be. - Someone that takes others opinions and doesn't go to be home, "My way or the highway." They're open thoughts and they honestly, they're enthusiastic about what the hell does.

- A good lead is responsible. They're honest, they have a good attitude. - The main thing Kid President says is just is optimistic to everyone and you don't ever wanna bring anyone down. - You have to likewise be the one to listen. - To be open thoughts and to have arms wide open for everyone. - I believe that everyone has the potential to be amazing and I genuinely wanna maximize that and try to stimulate everyone as great as they can be.( upbeat music)( laughing) - I don't dance much. - I don't even know what to do. Okay, let's get into it.( laughing) - You guys are the best. What do you think would draw "the worlds" more awesome for teenagers? Come on, it's time. I believe in you people. Let's do this, KP out.( upbeat music ).

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