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Homeschool Special Needs

Homeschool Special Needs

Homeschool Special Needs Something to finish cleaning up the sawdust paw vacuum and stuff like that then we're going to do our academy wield and Bethany has been asking to go somewhere so I don't know what we're gonna do. On Wednesday night her aide-de-camp called us from the bowling alley which is like 25 miles away from residence because all she was doing laying story there and anytime anybody tried to move her she got murderous so we went to picking her up by the period we got there she was safely in the aide's auto so that was good but now she's talking about "re going away" again today, I'm kind of shy to do that again so soon she might still be in that whatever depression that saw her disrupt for some reason bowling travelling bowling has been forming her disturbance I don't know if it's the noise or too many people or what but we're gonna put a stop to or frame a prop hold the line bowling for a while so ordinarily, she would be going to the kitty tonight with her aide-de-camp, but her aide-de-camp couldn't make it tonight so I don't know if Malcolm and I are up to the invite because sometimes get out of the kitty on time is a meltdown trigger and certainly don't want to prompt a meltdown so we might continue efforts to do something else I discovered Paddington Bear was playing in so I recommended going to a movie she told not that but she did ask me what the movie was about, so perhaps she'll change her mind.

I don't know we'll examine. actually though if her intellect for defrosting down at the bowling alley pitch-dark darkness and multitude movie theater is not possible to such a good feeling except in our little town well typically not very crowded movie theater but it does get dark and it is strident, so what do you do with the girl like this? where can we make her that's got no meltdown triggers because we want to go out and have fun and be part of the world any suggestions that are worrisome mean something's going on in her intelligence that's forming her not feel better whether it be a convulsion our side effect from a drug or whatever is not good Mr. mailman what have you got to say? What have I got to say? About what? I don't know! tell us what you're doing here why are you now in the middle of the working day? I'm having my lunch he came home for lunch. To make sure there's wood in the wood casket another one residence for lunch! and thank God she introduced the Onfi with her you would not trust how freak in difficult it is to get your doctor to mail out the brand-new drug on time before the aged one runs out is not only ridiculous its freak in dangerous and it's just so annoying We always end up having to get an emergency prescription called in every month and it's so annoying you think that it would be like automatically sent out.

Apparently my daughter works at the pharmacy at work yeah I don't think, I know she works at the pharmacy but apparently it's a number of problems every single person in the world has but is everybody on a drugs that are addictive and then if you miss it you can go into withdrawal and in her event it in Bethany's case her I'm plugged. in Bethany's case she going to Status epilepticus and die so, you know it's not something to fool around with, so I'm glad we got it because we have enough lozenges for tonight and tomorrow morning and that was it so yay pills.

Another problem I'm having today is Bethany's aged computer will not turn on anymore and she used having a little bit of a temper tantrum about that this morning on she has two iPad's she has an iPad 1 and an iPad 4 I see she can watch YouTube on that or whatever, but she craves my computer I don't want her expressed the belief that she can watch on my computer because there's no Barney on my computer. That's what we tell her so I can't tell her use mine now I got to figure out how I'm going to get her a brand-new computer and now I necessity answer the phone! only hang up on my husband I got to call him back! The three girls all together in the kitchen debating nuptials get quirky hugs, debating academy volumes, life, debating outraging school.

We have a lot of cut and tape Homeschool Special Needs schoolbooks like science and conversation arts and math and I'll establish you those afterward. we have some survival signed stickers that we go over I also have twinkled placards that go with that. speck stickers we do a lot of patterning, replica patterns with speck stickers and there are little teeny tiny dots these we only found at Christmas Tree Shop. they have her identify on it we remembered they were cue remembered she would think they were cool but she's really never paid any attention to them and what else? Some Dora stickers that she likes.

The biggest thought that she works with the most is dot depicts. she affection dot depicts! What are you working on, Beth? patterns with ship puts? and shades? I said yes. Alright! employed the adhesive right on now like this. on lettuce Yep! What shades are you exerting? Yellow and lettuce. Yellowed and lettuce that's right! like his auto? Yeah, lettuce-like daddy's auto, yep. Of this !! Oops! he always wants to are now working with us, doesn't he? ok, he's funny he's not these yep. there he is sitting on our newspapers. he wants me to pet him. I know he needs to get down get down mister Flynnie. Pet him and then we'll employ him down alright Okay show me some wield hopefully Bethany will complete some of these newspapers and I also printed out I also printed out got a couple of parts and undertakings for her Homeschool Special Needs work she chips out these interesting thing in residences them where they belong. good enterprise and a little truck then she glues them where they are required g! o okay, I can !! alrighty. keep going. And Rachel. And Rebekah. did they help you do this yesterday? seek of comfort on your face! good enterprise! another yeah and Bethany is making academy wield right are you doing academy wield you are familiar with she is doing some sheets from a book called patterns patterns patterns.

Oops, it's upside down! from your care source its downloadable workbooks for like fine motor abilities for homeschool Special Needs and concepts like that and employed I'll employ the relate below I adoration for your care source it is huge for Homeschool Special Needs child who wants to do cares with their teenagers at home or you know, not only homeschoolers but anybody that wants to do some occupational care or even physical care your discussion care with their teenagers at home Alright. gives see what we can find. there's blue remember you gotta get a circle with a plus ratify next to circles with Xs. that's what you're supposed to do a circle on only if their next to each other. first, the plus ratifies then the X you got to look for them first You're curving the red one first? did you find some? plus and an X.

Very good! you circle both of them together like he did before. Am I intruding? am I intruding in your infinite? yeah, Bethany affection to marks oaths, multitudes, and plainly now also patterns and designs right? you love to trace concepts, don't you ?.

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