Homeschool Routines

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Homeschool Routines

Homeschool Routines I'm in the 4th grade, and today I'm going to show you my homeschool routines.  So first I wake up in the morning I get up at about eight o clock because I stay up reading all night virtually after my watch turns off I simply get out of bed feed Raptor he is my bearded dragon.   I like to feed him super worms and crickets then I run downstairs, and I brush my teeth you have to clean them very well.  I brush for about two and a half times instead of two.  Then I munch my Cheerios I like them a bit soft, so I soak them in milk for a while.

Now it's time to find my mama I find she has to put in the password for pretty much everything.  She even tries to sit on the chair with me, and I knock her off.  Homeschool is quite entertaining the majority of students love it.   One of my favorite areas is scientific research and art. I like making pictures and caressing my baby sister.  I get my books and begin to read. I can find what happens is a bit dull.   I like to read a bit, and I love reading Michael Vey.  He is one of my favorite writers. I then wrestle with my daddy I dominate him every time.  I find that something about homeschool starts to make me hungry again.

Then back to my studies.  Sometimes I have to teach my mama how to do it something. There's too much work, but I like to homeschool. I get myself together and hide for a while to do my job. My mama is a big help with my school work.  When it's time for another recess; I like the trampoline.  Quite often about twelve o'clock, I am hungry again.  I'm done with my work it feels so good to get finished and have time to myself.  If I have any questions about any more stuff  I talk to my mom and she helps me with my homeschool lessons.   This is pretty much a day in my homeschool life.

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